To our valued customers,

We are happy to say we will be able to reopen 6/29/20 at 50% capacity. Please note we will only be offering limited hours of operation, programming and rentals to start off. Below are a list of strict guidelines and policies that will be instituted. It is important to check your emails and our website/social media regularly for updates on policies and procedures and schedules.


Cleaning Procedures and Safety Measures


  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up around the facility  

  • Daily deep cleaning will be done multiple times around the facility especially in common areas 

  • Reisterstown Sportsplex has cleaned and repainted high traffic areas such as our locker rooms and bathrooms as a measure of sanitation 

  • We have ordered and will continue to order extra antibacterial soap for our bathrooms and locker rooms 

  • All employee workstations will be sanitized regularly  

  • All employees will wear face coverings  

  • Snack bar will be closed until further notice

  • Locker rooms will be closed until further notice

  • Rink run Programs such as Learn to Skate, Public Skate, and our Adult League will be postponed until further notice

  • Sneeze guards will be implemented at all POS and skate rental counter  

  • PPE provided for employees  

  • Section off every other urinal/stall/ sink in bathrooms to help promote social distancing   

  • Signage clearly displayed around the facility to remind customers of sanitation guidelines and social distancing

  • Procedures, protocols and precautions readily accessible to all customers and employees – ahead of time

  • Employees will be briefed and trained on safety measures prior to reopening  

  • Recommend customers and employees to stay home if they are showing symptoms of illness

  • Disinfect door handles hourly

  • Cleaning check list to be completed throughout the day

  • Temperature check is required upon entry



  • Coaches must wear coverings

  • Face coverings to be worn until entering the ice

  • No spitting on benches

  • Extra trash receptacles will be put on benches and throughout the facility

  • Social distancing must be practiced- designed areas marked around the rink to help with social distancing

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to wait outside of facility

  • Lost and Found will not be utilized at this time and left items will be discarded

  • Hand sanitizing stations set up throughout the facility





  • 15 skater limit (including coaches)

•          Schedules and online registration will be posted on a weekly basis

  • Skaters/Coaches allowed in 15 mins before session and must leave within 15 mins after session has ended

  • Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to wait outside of facility during session

    • One parent or guardian per student in facility IF NEEDED

  • Get ready in designated areas

    • Come prepared and dressed minus skates

    • Bags and Personal items are not to be left unattended in the facility, we are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items 

    • Benches and mats will be set up outside for skaters and coaches to put on skates

  • All skaters must register and pay online, first come, first serve policy

  • Wristbands given

  • No walk-ins allowed

  • Temperature check upon entering the facility

  • Coaches must register and pay online, first come, first serve policy

  • Coaches must provide an updated copy of their insurance and safe sport before coming to teach at the facility. E-mail with documents

  • Designated coaching areas posted in ice rink to be strictly adhered to

  • 6 feet social distancing to be strictly adhered to while skating or coaching

  • Participants must wear face coverings, except when on the ice

  • Coaches must wear face coverings on and off the ice

  • Strongly recommended to bring own hand sanitizer and tissues

  • No personal items will be allowed on the ice

Stick & Puck    

  • 15 skater limit (including coaches)

  • Purchase admission online

  • Multiple nets

  • No locker rooms to be used until further notice

  • Parent or guardian are strongly encouraged to wait outside of facility during session

  • No scrimmaging allowed during stick and puck

  • Get dresses in designated dressing areas

    • Come dressed minus skates, stick, helmet and gloves

    • Bags and Personal items are not be left unattended

  • Players allowed in 15 mins before session and must leave within 15 mins after session has      ended

  • Wristbands given out to participants

  • No walk ins

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