To our valued customers,

We are operating at 50% capacity. Please note we are currently offering limited hours of operation, programming and rentals.. Below are a list of strict guidelines and policies that will be instituted. It is important to check your emails and our website/social media regularly for updates on policies and procedures and schedules.


Cleaning Procedures and Safety Measures


  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up around the facility  

  • Daily deep cleaning will be done multiple times around the facility especially in common areas 

  • Reisterstown Sportsplex has cleaned and repainted high traffic areas such as our locker rooms and bathrooms as a measure of sanitation 

  • We have ordered and will continue to order extra antibacterial soap for our bathrooms and locker rooms 

  • All employee workstations will be sanitized regularly  

  • All employees will wear face coverings  

  • Snack bar will be closed until further notice

  • Locker rooms will be closed until further notice

  • Rink run Programs such as Learn to Skate, Public Skate, and our Adult League will be postponed until further notice

  • Sneeze guards will be implemented at all POS and skate rental counter  

  • PPE provided for employees  

  • Section off every other urinal/stall/ sink in bathrooms to help promote social distancing   

  • Signage clearly displayed around the facility to remind customers of sanitation guidelines and social distancing

  • Procedures, protocols and precautions readily accessible to all customers and employees – ahead of time

  • Employees will be briefed and trained on safety measures prior to reopening  

  • Recommend customers and employees to stay home if they are showing symptoms of illness

  • Disinfect door handles hourly

  • Cleaning check list to be completed throughout the day

  • Temperature check is required upon entry



  • Coaches must wear coverings

  • Face coverings to be worn until entering the ice

  • No spitting on benches

  • Extra trash receptacles will be put on benches and throughout the facility

  • Social distancing must be practiced- designed areas marked around the rink to help with social distancing

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to wait outside of facility

  • Lost and Found will not be utilized at this time and left items will be discarded

  • Hand sanitizing stations set up throughout the facility




  • 15 skater limit (including coaches)

  • Schedules and online registration will be posted on a weekly basis

  • Skaters/Coaches allowed in 15 mins before session and must leave within 15 mins after session has ended

  • Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to wait outside of facility during session

  • One parent or guardian per student in facility IF NEEDED

  • Get ready in designated areas

  • Come prepared and dressed minus skates

  • Bags and Personal items are not to be left unattended in the facility, we are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items 

  • Benches and mats will be set up outside for skaters and coaches to put on skates

  • All skaters must register and pay online, first come, first serve policy

  • Wristbands given

  • No walk-ins allowed

  • Temperature check upon entering the facility

  • Coaches must register and pay online, first come, first serve policy

  • Coaches must provide an updated copy of their insurance and safe sport before coming to teach at the facility. with documents

  • Designated coaching areas posted in ice rink to be strictly adhered to

  • 6 feet social distancing to be strictly adhered to while skating or coaching

  • Participants must wear face coverings, except when on the ice

  • Coaches must wear face coverings on and off the ice

  • Strongly recommended to bring own hand sanitizer and tissues

  • No personal items will be allowed on the ice

Stick & Puck    

  • 15 skater limit (including coaches)

  • Purchase admission online

  • Multiple nets

  • No locker rooms to be used until further notice

  • Parent or guardian are strongly encouraged to wait outside of facility during session

  • No scrimmaging allowed during stick and puck

  • Get dresses in designated dressing areas

    • Come dressed minus skates, stick, helmet and gloves

    • Bags and Personal items are not be left unattended

  • Players allowed in 15 mins before session and must leave within 15 mins after session has      ended

  • Wristbands given out to participants

  • No walk ins

Learn to Skate

  • ALL Snowplow Sam Classes and ALL beginner classes (Snowplow Sam 1-4, Pre-Hockey, Basic 1 and All adults) will be put on hold until further notice

  • ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE THEIR OWN SKATES (skate rental not available)

  • Basic 2 and above only- levels will be checked prior to registration

  • Limit of 9 skaters per class

  • One teacher for every class

  • Total of 30 people on the ice at any given time

  • If you were in the March/April series, you will be given a credit to take these classes

  • $120.00 for 8 weeks of lessons if you were not previously enrolled.

  • One parent in building IF NEEDED, no siblings or friends- We recommend that parents wait outside or in their vehicles.

  • No viewing area for parents

  • Masks are required to be worn at all times, on and off the ice

  • Temperature checks upon entrance into the facility

  • Designated seating area outside if needed, please come dressed and ready to skate

  • Please do not show up more than 15 minutes before your scheduled class time

  • We recommend bringing a camping chair and hard guards to get ready by your car or simply put your skates on in your car and walk to the building with your hard guards on. PARENTS PLEASE WALK WITH YOUR CHILD TO THE DOOR!  If you are in need of hard guards to protect your blades…here are a few links where you can purchase them:

  • No bags or personal belongings inside the rink

  • No practice “freeskate” time ice (before or after lessons) available at this time. No make-up classes allowed

  • Covid-19 Liability waiver MUST be acknowledged/signed

  • Learn to Skate USA membership MUST be renewed for the 2020-2021 season-   

  • Membership number MUST be provided upon arrival to first class


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