Tournament Features

  • 3-game guarantee
  • Games played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 
  • Friday games start at 5:15 pm
  • Saturday games start at 8 am
  • Championship Game Sunday morning
  • Period format three 12 minute periods
  • All participating players must be USA Hockey registered
  • $350 deposit to register your team (non-refundable deposit)
  • Register your team here by selecting Adult League

Tournament Rules

  • Each game will consist of three 12 minute stop time periods
  • There will be a 5 minute running time 3 vs. 3 sudden death overtime. Clock will only stop for penalties. If a decisive goal is not scored in the 5 minute overtime, 1 player from each team will be selected for a shootout until a decisive goal is scored
  • One 30-second timeout per game
  • Any puck off the netting will be in play
  • Blue line icing is in effect for all games
  • Mercy Rule - Running time will start when a team is down by seven goals or more. Stop time will resume when goal differential is less than six
  • Each player (including goalies) on a team must have jerseys of the same primary color and must have a permanently affixed number on the back.
  • Captains must submit all rostered players USA Hockey ID prior to first game of the
  • A player who receives a fighting major or intent to injure will be expelled from Tournament play.
  • A player who commits five penalties in one game will automatically receive a game misconduct for that game and one-game suspension.
  • Any game misconduct penalty will result in a minimum 1 game suspension, not including the game in which the misconduct was issued
  • Two game misconducts = expulsion from Tournament
  • Expulsion from Tournament will result in loss of all entry fees paid